Max for Live Devices

Guitar Scale Monitor

with guitar scale monitor you can easily visualize all scales from push on a guitar or bass fretboard. you can also monitor the incoming midi notes.

purchase 10 € / 12 $

all prices inkl. VAT in EU-countries

coming soon …

coming soon …

instant twister is a max for live device for the midifighter twister, where you’re able to setup the midifighter twister from within you ableton live project.

download for free

Max for Leap

with max4leap 2 you can control ableton live with the leap motion controller.

download for free

Stereo Tool

Stereo Tool 2 gives you a huge Range of controls over your Stereo Signal.

You’ll have a Mid / Side Section and a Left / Right Section to control and manipulate your Audio Signal.

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Metronome for Live

Metronom for Live is a simple Max for Live Metronom Device with some helpful tricks.

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