Push Hacker 2 is released

happy to announce that Push Hacker 2 is release today.

Push Hacker 2

Hello everybody,
We are happy to announce the release of Push Hacker 2 and it’s free to existing customers
Again with teamed up with Fastlane and programmed the Device from ground up to enhance the performance and usability of Push Hacker. We have also extended the features to get a better workflow. 

Push Hacker 2 is built from ground up and brings a better performance and new and sophisticated features. With Push Hacker 2 you are able to expand the features of Push 1 or Push 2 to your personal needs.

It enables you to manually re-assign any of Push’s features (buttons/rotaries/pitch bend/matrix pads) to any parameters in Live (audio effects/MIDI effects/Clips/ Clips slots/Mixer/Solo buttons etc.)
whilst in ‘Note Mode’ or ‘Session Mode’.

  • Map buttons & dials to any parameters.
  • Move the clip grid.
  • Select individual tracks.
  • Solo Tracks.
  • Recording & playing clips.
  • Draw curves for slider parameters.