Free updates for ReBoard, Scale-O-Mat and Instant Scale are available

ReBoard, Scale-O-Mat & Instant Scale Device (which is included in Chord-O-Mat) are updated and have MPE compatibility now.

release notes

Hello everybody„

there are new updates available for ReBoard, Scale-O-Mat and the Instant Scale Device (which is included in Scale-O-Mat & Chord-O-Mat) which brings MPE compatibility. This is only relevant, if you use an MPE Controller, if not you can skip this update of course. 
A new Video (no talk) is also here:

You can download all your Devices inside your User Account, and you are able to manage your e-mail subscriptions for any Device and also the newsletter from there. If you havn’t logged in already you can do this by resetting your passord with your registered mailadress.


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