Chord-O-Mat 3

Chordplayer & Library for Ableton Live

chord-o-mat 3 is a max for live chord library and trigger device for ableton live.

it’s designed to have quick access to the chords in a scale, to explore chords, make chord progressions and play live.
with the Instant Scale devices you’re able to make harmony changes over your whole live project

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what is Chord-O-Mat

chord-o-mat 3 is an advanced composition tool and chord generator if you work with ableton live.

It helps you to create chord progressions, melodies or just give you inspiration if you stuck in creativity.
modifiing chords by adding octaves, transposing, chord inversions and strumming is also possible.
Chord-O-Mat 3 makes creating chord progressions fun and easy with single-note presses and a scale correction to stay always in the right key whatever you play.

instant scale

with the Instant Scale Device you can replace abletons native scale device and synchronise the scale settings for all your midi tracks in your ableton live project.
you can improve your songs and arrangement with various sequences that react on your chords, because the Instant Scale device can follow the chord progession of chord-o-mat 3.

same scale setting for multiple devices. chord-o-mat 3, scale-o-mat 4and modular sequencer are enabled to link the scale settings. if you change the scale in one device all other devices will follow


• more than 40 scales
• all scales from push 1 + 2.
• scale collection from Tobias Hunke.
• shows all chords from the selected scale.
• automatically maps all chords to your keyboard, so you're able to trigger a chord with one key.
• create custom chord sets
• make chord progressions with your midiclips.
• clear user interface.
• strumming.
• octave designer to add or remove notes from a chord
• integration of push 1 & push 2
• min. system requirements: ableton live 10 / max for live 8