Chord-O-Mat 3

Chordplayer & Library for Ableton Live

Chord-O-Mat 3 is a max for live chord library and trigger device for ableton live.

it’s designed to have quick access to the chords in a scale, to explore chords, make chord progressions and play live.
with the Instant Scale devices you’re able to make harmony changes over your whole live project.

System Requirements: Ableton Live 9 / Max for Live 8.1

Chord-O-Mat - Max for Live Chord Device

what is Chord-O-Mat

Chord-O-Mat 3 is an advanced composition tool and Chord Generator if you work with Ableton Live.

It helps you to create chord progressions, melodies or just give you inspiration if you stuck in creativity.

Modifiing chords by adding octaves, transposing, chord inversions and strumming is also possible.

Chord-O-Mat 3 makes creating chord progressions fun and easy with single-note presses and a scale correction to stay always in the right key whatever you play.


  • more than 40 scales
  • all scales from push 1 + 2
  • scale collection from Tobias Hunke.
  • shows all chords from the selected scale.
  • automatically maps all chords to your keyboard, so you're able to trigger a chord with one key
  • create custom chord sets
  • make chord progressions with your midiclips.
  • clear user interface
  • strumming
  • octave designer to add or remove notes from a chord
  • integration of push 1 & push 2- -

make your Chord Selection

to create your own Chord Selection you can drag & drop a Chord into one of the 16 Chord Slots.
each chord slot can be assigned to a keyboard key.

Chords follow the Root Note

it's easy to transpose the Notes within a Scale. If you change the Root Note, the assigned Chords will always be in Key.

re-route the Midi Output

to route the Output from Chord-O-Mat to another Miditrack, just select a Track and click on "route Output to selected Track"

Instant Scale Device

With the instant scale device you can replace abletons native scale device and synchronise the scale settings to harmonize the midi all over your ableton live project.

you can improve your songs and arrangement with various sequences that react on your chords, because the Instant Scale device can follow the chord progession of chord-o-mat 3.

Same scale setting for multiple devices. Chord-O-Mat 3, Scale-O-Mat 4 and Modular Sequencer are enabled to link the scale settings. if you change the scale in one device all other devices will follow


Tip 1: exploring chords

Tip 2: routing the output

Tip 3: manage chord files

trigger notes

connect a keyboard

Instant Scale Device


Estrada i Studio

Prawie dwa lata temu na tych łamach opisywałem poprzednią wersję Chord-O-Mata. Od tego czasu wtyczka ta stała się moim podstawowym narzędziem w procesie komponowania, bo choć na rynku pojawiło się wielu nowych graczy, takich jak choćby Scaler czy InstaChord, to żaden z nich nie oferuje tak ścisłej integracji z Live’em i Pushem, nie wspominając o prostocie obsługi.

Die Bedienung ist wirklich einfach und intuitiv gelöst. Akkord anklicken oder über eine Taste eines Eingabegeräts eintriggern und dann per Mausklick auf ein Pad platzieren. Ein weiteres Plus ist die Möglichkeit, den Chord über den Touchstrip von Push als Einzelnoten abspielen zu können. Das erzeugt Gitarren-ähnliches Anschlagen der Noten.

What People say about Chord-O-Mat @

Very happy (William T.)

One word. SUPERB

Good Tool (Patrik K.)

Like it. An interesting concept for playing chords if you can't play chords ;-)

Best chord plugin/Device (Maurizio S.)

This is way better than I expected. Really nice layout, easy to use and fits perfectly into my workflow. This will be used on every project even as a safely net or to push inspiration even further. Better than 3 other similar plugins I have tried.

Useful device (Demetrius D)

Very useful, the interface is a bit stiff but it does what it promises to do!

Love it! (Andrew R.)

Love it!