Max for Leap

a Max Device for the Leap Motion Controller

this is a Max for Live Device to integrate the Leap Motion Controller into Ableton Live.
The Device uses the external from IRACM which never came out of beta status. For more information please check this site:

The Max for Leap Device is not supported anymore.
The instructions will be completed in the future.

What it is?

Max4Leap 2 is a Max for Live Device to Control Ableton Live with the Leap Motion Controller. To run this Device you need a „Leap Motion“ controller (it doesn’t work with your Camara or something else) and Ableton Live Suite with Max for Live.

  1. Tracking ON / OFF
  2. Set the Input Range of the Parameters
  3. Visualisation of the x, y & z Axis from the left & right Hand and the crosspoint Lines the orange point is shows your left Hand and the blue point shows your right Hand
  4. Select the Gestures and Map a Parameter to Live

How to Start

  • Connect the Leap Motion Controller to your Computer
  • load the Max4Leap 2 Device into a Midi Track
  • Turn the the Device ON - now the Device should track your hands

Please install the Leap Motion Driver 2.5 or 3! It doesn't work with Version 4+ You also have to try around until you get it to work.

Set up a custom range of your parameters

In this example you can adjust the range from left to right


Air Kata I - Hands love music by Jullian Hoff

In this Video Jullian Hoff is using the Max for Leap Device. Here you find the full Website for this project and many other interesting things.