Scale-O-Mat - User Manual

Scale-O-Mat 4 is a M4L Scale Device for Ableton Live, where you can change a scale over your whole Live Project and do some more little Tricks ;-)
Scale-O-Mat 4 is a customized Version according to an idea from Tyondai Braxton


It’s recommended to use only one instance of the Scale-O-Mat 4 Device in your Live Project. 

Because the Devices communicates also with other Devices, there could be unwanted behaviors when you use more than one Scale-O-Mat 4 Device in your Live Project.

Scale-O-Mat 4 works together with Chord-O-Mat 3 and 
Modular Sequencer. If you switch the scale of one Device all others will follow.

Scale-O-Mat 4 is a customized Device for Tyondai Braxton.


  1. Here you can set the root note & the scale of the selected scale group
  2. Reset: if you have hanging notes
  3. Set how much scale groups you want to use
  4. Here you can see & also set the range of the Individual group
  5. This is one of four scale group, where you can set the range of the incoming Notes, the root note & the scale of the group Mode:
  • processing off, scale or a learned chord
  • Learn chords
  • Switch between pitched & gated (pitched = “wrong” notes will be pitched
  • to the selected Scale; gated: = “wrong” Notes will be ignored)
  • Pitch by Note & Pitch by Octave
  1. Select the scale group

Instant Scale Device

What’s the Instant Scale Device?

The Instant Scale Device is a Device that is working with Scale-O-Mat 4 and Chord-O-Mat 3 to replace Abletons stock „Scale“ effect. 

it enables you to control the harmony of your whole Liveset from within the Scale-O-Mat 4 or Chord-O-Mat 3 so, you’re able to have always the same scale all over your project and with up to four individual scale groups you have a lot of possibilities to play with individual scales with ease.

You can place the instant scale Device in any other Midi Track of your Live Project and you can assign them to one of four Groups, which can be remote controlled from the Chord-O-Mat Trigger Device.

In the popup menu you can choose if the Inatant Scale Device is connected to Chord-O-Mat 3 or to Scale-O-Mat

Scale Groups

You can have up to four independent scale groups. I every group, you can set up a scale, pitch or filter the notes according the selected scale.

It’s also possible  to transpose, mute or bind all scales to  a specific group.

How to use the Instant Scale Device

Paste the Instant Scale device inside every miditrack, to have control over your scales in the whole Live project.

If you click the “ALL” button, the scale will be adapted to all other Groups. 

You’re able to assign the pitch to the instant scale device now. There’re three modes: Group, free and fix

Group: the pitch is always connected to the selected group

Free: the pitch can be assigned to any group no matter which scale group is selected

Fix: You can set the pitch independently for the instant scale device

To work with  the same scale in different devices, like Chord-O-Mat 3 or Modular Sequencer you can activate the “Link to scale” button. If you change the scale or rootnote in one device all other devices will follow.


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