Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I can't check out on the Website

You have to accept ALL Cookies in the Consent Manager. Further check if you use Popupblockers and probably try another browser like Google Chrome or Firefox.

I have lost my Device

If you should lost your Device you can reqest a new file here: or get in touch via the contact form, when the file in your account shouldn't be up to date

I have troubles with a Device

We are always glad when we can help out to solve a problem. Please use the contact form and enter your registered email address or order number. We do not give support if we can not assign a request, please understand that.

please try to describe the problem as good as you can, the more information we have the better we can help.

if I purchased a Device, when do I receive this?

normally you should receive the Device immediately after the purchase. In some cases the mails come with a little delay or landet in the spam folder. If don’t have any mail after 15 minutes and you can’t find anything in you spam folder, please write a mail.

How do I install Max for Live Devices?

there’s no need to install Max for Live Devices, if you receive an *.amxd file. Just create an folder and drag & drop your Max for Live Device into Ableton. Be sure you doesn’t move this folder, otherwise Ableton can’t locate the Device again

Who made the Website?

The Website is realised with Kirby and programmed by Philipp Trenz: