FAQ - Frequently asked questions

• I have lost my Device, what should I do?

please contact me via e-mail and send me a) your full name or the e-mail address where you made the purchase from or b) the purchase number. 

If you bought a product from another company like ADSR, please write to their support. 

tim [at] soundmanufacture [dot] net

• How do I install Max for Live Devices?

there’s no need to install Max for Live Devices.  Just create an folder and drag & drop your Max for Live Device into Ableton. Be sure you doesn’t move this folder, otherwise Ableton can’t locate the Device again

• I have a problem with a Device, what to do?

please try to describe the problem as good as you can and let me know the following things:

  •     does the problem occurs every time or only sequentiently
  •     which Version of Live / Max are you using
  •     Windows or Mac
  •     what computer specs do you have

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