FAQ - frequently asked questions

I have lost my Device

If you should lost your Device you can reqest a new file here: https://soundmanufacture.onfastspring.com/account or get in touch via the contact form, when the file in your account shouldn't be up to date

I have troubles with a Device

We are always glad when we can help out to solve a problem. Please use the contact form and enter your registered email address or order number. We do not give support if we can not assign a request, please understand that.

please try to describe the problem as good as you can, the more information we have the better we can help.

if I purchased a Device, when do I receive this?

normally you should receive the Device immediately after the purchase. In some cases the mails come with a little delay or landet in the spam folder. If don’t have any mail after 15 minutes and you can’t find anything in you spam folder, please write a mail.

How do I install Max for Live Devices?

there’s no need to install Max for Live Devices, if you receive an *.amxd file. Just create an folder and drag & drop your Max for Live Device into Ableton. Be sure you doesn’t move this folder, otherwise Ableton can’t locate the Device again