Chord-O-Mat 3 is a Chord Library and Trigger Device for Ableton Live 10 with Push integration.It’s designed to have quick access to the chords in a Scale, to explore Chords, make chord progressions and play Live. In the Device you’ll find all Scales from Push and also the Scale Collection of Tobias Hunke.

Chord-O-Mat 3
Chord-O-Mat 3

There are two Devices coming with Chord-O-Mat:

  1. the Instant Scale Device, which is similar to the build in Lives „Scale“ Device,
    follows the Scale or Chords from the Chord-O-Mat Trigger Device.
    With this you are able to sync the Scales easily over your whole Live Project.
  2. the Push Loopback Device - with this you can record
    chord progressions if you play with Push.

It’s recommended to use only one instance of the Chord-O-Mat 3 Trigger Device in your Live Project. Because the Devices communicates also with other Devices, there could be unwanted behaviors when you use more than one Device in your Live Project.

Have fun!