Connect Hardware ➝ Keyboard

connect a Keyboard to Chord-O-Mat 3

to connect a Keyboard to Chord-O-Mat 3, select the midi input port of your Keyboard and set the Monitor in Ableton Live to "IN"

Assigned Chords

change the key and the chords will follow

If the keys are assigned to the chords, you can play the chords with these keys.

All other keys can be played as usual. If the scale corection is turned on, they will be pitched to the set scale.

Trigger Chords

using the "master trigger"

The “Master Trigger” function is another way to trigger Chords.
If you activate the “Master Trigger”, you can map a midi note
to it. 
If the Midi Note is played, it will always trigger the last chord. 

This function is cool to work with midi clips, to have always the same rhythm structure, while you can change the chords on the fly.