Connect Hardware ➝ Ableton Push

Connect Ableton Push to Cord-O-Mat 3

If you use Ableton Push, both Push 1 & Push 2 are working with Chord-O-Mat 3
You have to go first in the settings in the Device itself and select your Push Device. If Push isn't found, please hit "rescan Push"
Your Push Controller should be visible in the Dropdown Menu. Please selct your Ableton Push there and activate the Device via the "Device activeated" Button.

the chord slots are highlighted on the Pads from Push

if you assign a chord to the chordslot it will be immediatly visible and playable on Ableton Push.

You can switch between the "Play" mode and the "play all chords" mode withthe "SHIFT" button on Push.

control the Instant Scale Device / change octaves

change the key and the chords will follow

In the settings you can activate to show the octaves and to show the controls for the "Instant Scale Device"
This is only visible in the "play" mode, not in the "play all chords" mode.

Record a Chord-Progression via Ableton Push