1. on the top row of Chord-O-Mat you’ll find the Settings
  2. Here you can set the Root Note & the Scale
  3. This is the Chord Matrix where all Chords from a selected scale are highlighted
  4. These are the Chord-Slots, where you can make your own chord collection per scale
  5. Here you can Modulate the chords: inversion, strum and octave pitching. On the middle there’s an Infotext message.
  6. With the Scale Correction, you can Pitch all incoming Notes the Notes of the selected Scale
  7. The Octave Designer can add / removes Notes from the chords
  8. Output Monitor: here you can Monitor the incoming / Outgoing and mapped Midinotes
  9. File Handling: drag & drop a folder or *.json file into the GUI and all files of the folder are listed in the dropdown menu. The path will be saved within the Liveset.