Related Devices ➝ Instant Scale Device

The "Instant scale device" is similar to the internal scale device of Ableton Live, with the difference that it is possible to change the key of the complete Live set.

It's a shared device with Chord-O-Mat and Scale-O-Mat. That means the instant scale device can be controlled by both devices.

control the instantscale device from chord-o-mat

to see the control panel for the instant scale devices, click on "instant scales" in the top of chord-o-mat

control the instantscale device from chord-o-mat

you can assing each instant scale device to one of the four groups of chord-o-mat. each group controls all instant scale devices realted to this group.

the functions of the Instant Scale Device

the instant scale device receives midi notes from the track

if the related group is set to "track in" the instant scale device receives the midi input from the Track (playing clips, or Live input). 
It behaves like the native Ableton Live Scale Device.

the Instant Scale Device is muted

the functions of the instantscale device

If the group is set off, the related instant scale device will bypass all notes.

if the group is set to scale, the instant scale device will pitch all incomining notes to the set scale.

If the group is set to chord, it's possible to learn the played chord once or it's also possible, that it will follow the chord progression of chord-o-mat.

If "to chord" is activated the next played chord will be learned to all related instant scale devices.

to follow the chord progression, activate the "instant chord mapping" button.

there are two mode "pitched" & "gated"

  • pitched: all notes will be pitched to the set scale or chord.
  • gated: all notes that are not in the set scale will be filtered out.

control selected groups

in this matrix you are able to control selected groups