Scales & Chords ➝ Chord Matrix

the chord matrix shows which chords are in the selected scale

In the Chord-Matrix you can see which Chords are inside the selected scale.

On the top to bottom the chords are listed and from left to right the root note of chord.

Each chord that fits into the selected scale is marked blue.

It's possible to play each chord by clicking on it (also the chords that are not selected)

"play all chords" mode

to explore chordprogressions you can activate "play all chords" on the top of the clip slots.
then you're able to play each chord within a scale on a keyboard or on Ableton Push

monitor (play all chords mode)

in "play all chords" mode the range of the keyboard is visible

It's also possible to change the range of the keyboard layout just by clicking onto a note.