Scales & Chords ➝ Chord Sets

with the "chord slots" you can create your own chord sets within a scale and presets to use them in all your live sets.

with the chord-slots you can create individual chord-collections within every scale. to play these Live with  the keyboard or with Ableton Push.

there are up to 8 presets for each scale, where you can store switch between individual chord sets.
in each chord slot you can set individual settings for the chord, like the octave or the chord inversion.

different ways to choose your assign your chords

drag & drop chords from the chord matrix into the chord slots

you can assign the chords by drag & drop from the chord matrix.

It's possible to assign also chords that are not inside the selected scale. So you're absoltely free to assign any chord you want.

select assign the chords while holding a key in "play all chords" mode

while in "play all chords" mode you can also play a chord on your Keyboard or Ableton Push and there's a red border visible, then click on a clip slot to assign it.

re-arrange chord sets

change and re-arrange the chordsets

when you want to swap the chords inside a chord slot you are able to trigger the chord and drag & drop it to another chord-slot.