scales & chords ➝ chord slot

here you can see the functions of  chord slot

1. activate / deactivate the chord slot

2. assign a key to the chord slot

3. change the root note of the chord slot (works like a dial - click + move up down)

4. change the chord (drop down menu)

5. trigger the chord / move the chord to another clipslot via drag & drop

6. set the chord inversion (if it's set to global the chord always folows the global inversion setting)

7. set the octave of the chord

follow the root note

change the key and the chords will follow

If you change the rootnote of the selected scale all assigned chords in the clip slots will follow the actual key.

play with an Keyboard & how to assign the chords

assign the Keys to a Midichord

activate the Midi learn button, it blinks red, then hit any Key of your Keyboard and the Midi learn button inside the Clip Slot is coloured blue and shows for example "N 60" for Note 60.

Then this key is assigned to the Chord inside Chord-O-Mat