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set the scale & the root note

Here you can set up the root note and the scale for Chord-O-Mat 3 and the related devices, like "Instant Scale", "Modular Sequencer" and also "Scale-O-Mat 4".

chord matrix

which chords are in the selected scale

In the Chord-Matrix you can see which Chords are inside the selected scale.
On the top to bottom the chords are listed and from left to right the root note of chord.
Each chord that fits into the selected scale is marked blue.

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scale correction

shows the notes of the selected scale

in this section the notes of a scale are visualized on an one octave keyboard.
It's possible to turn on and off the scale correction to stay always in the right key.

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in the monitor you can visualize the incoming and generated notes from Chord-O-Mat

In the monitor you can visualize the in/output in realtime and also the assigned notes from the Chord-Slots.