device view

In the Device Window you see the Version you're using and if your Device is up to date or not.

  1. this is the info view with credits etc.
  2. this button opens the settings view, where you are able to connect the Ableton Push Controller.
  3. these are links to the online support page, the online manual, Soundmanufacture website & the youtube resources
  4. here you can select the Ableton Push Controller. How to connect Push see here.
  5. here you can show the Controls for the Octaves & the Instat Scale Device on your Push Controller.
  6. Store the Presets per Scale or per Banks (independent from the Scale)

float window

On the top row of the float window you'll find some further settings:

  • "always on top" keeps the window on top if activated
  • Zoom: here you can set the size of the float window
  • "Instant Scales" this opens the Control Panal for the Instant Scale Devices
  • "Push Loopback" this must be activated, if you use the Push Loopback Device
  • File Management: here you can recall your files with different Chordsets