Connect the Midi Fighter Twister to Ableton Live

First you have to place the Instnat Twister Device into an Audio Track of Ableton Live. We recoment to use an separate Audio Track only for the Instant Twister Device.

1. load the configuration file to the Midi Fighter Twister

first you have to load the settings of the Midifighter Twister via the Midifighter Utility to your Twister. Please Backup your previous Settings, if you consider to go back.

You can download the Midifighter Utility here on the DJ Tech tools Website:

2. Ableton Live Preferences

to connect the Midi Fighter Twister with the Instant Twister Device you first must be sure you have activated the Midi Track IN & OUT of the Twister inside the Ableton Live Preferences.

3. connect the Midifighter Twister to Instant Twister

please select the Midifighter Twister Midi Input inside the Instant Twister Device. The Midioutput should be connected automatically then. If this isn't the case, please check the Midi Preferences of Ableton Live.