How to map Buttons & Dials

With in the Intant Twister Device you have different mapping options for the encoders & the switches and also set the colors of the Twister.


map an Encoder to an Parameter

to map an Encoder to an Parameter you have to set the tab menu to "map".

Then click on the "map" button and if the map button blinks red, you can select a Parameter in Ableton Live.

Please Note, that after each change you make inside the device, you have to store this manually with the "store button".

after the encoder is mapped, you can control it from the Instant Twister Device and of course from Midifighter Twister.

button switches

With the button switches you have a few more functions you can choose from. You can select between:

- map (where you can map a paramter of Ableton Live)
- preset (where you can switch to another preset of Instant Twister)
- reset (where you can reset the Value of the coresponding dial to a fixed vale)

and also the behaviour of the buttons (gate, toggle & auto) you can choose depending on which function is selected.

map function

map a button

to map a button it's pretty much the same thing like mapping a dial. But you have a few more options about the behavior of the button.

Button Behaviour

  • gate: Push = ON / Release = OFF
  • toggle: Toggles between ON/OFF on every Push
  • auto: if pushed short = toggle mode / hold = gate (depending on which state the button had before)

preset function

With the Preset function you can choose in the dropdown menu to switch to:

  • prev/next preset
  • preset 1-16

reset function

with the reset function you can set the "anchor" value of the corresponding dial.

If you switch the button off the "anchor" value will be set to the dial, and if you switch it on again, the last value the dial had before will be set again.

If you turn the dial, while the "anchor" value is set, a new "on" value will be set.