Presets in Instant Twister

You have up to 16 banks (presets) per Instant Twister Device, which can be controlled:

- from the Device itself,
- via midi mappping (for example an external controller) or
- automate the preset selection by Audioclips.

the 16 banks are seperated into four blocks, which are visualized in the colored bars above the banks.

block 1 = bank 1-4
block 2 = bank 5-8
block 3 = bank 9-12
block 4 = bank 13-16

this is relevant, if you choose your presets via the "bank" mode, where you are able to preselect a preset via the dial or if you want to switch the presets via the side buttons.

select a preset from the Midifighter Twister itself

select a preset via a Push Button

here you can select a preset by hitting the button with the options to:

  • switch to the previous or next preset
  • switch to an individual preset from 1-16

via a dial

if you set the main selection to "bank" you can preselect a preset via the dial & push the button to confirm the selection.

In this mode you can't change the colors of the dials.

side buttons

because of, that the sidebuttons are only there to switch the presets, it lies in the nature of things, that they won't be stored inside the presets. With the side buttons you have also some options to switch between your presets:

- set bank: here you can select directly one of the 16 banks
- previous/next bank
- block:
if it's set to "block" you have also some options inside

• sel block: here you can select one of the four blocks
• prev/next block
• sel bank: here, the banks will follow the blocks (please read the example below)

in this example, where you can navigate with the six side buttons thru all the 16 banks, the side buttons has the following settings:

  • left top button = [block -> prev block]
  • right top button = [block -> next block]
  • left middle button = [block -> sel bank -> 1]
  • right middle button = [block -> sel bank -> 2]
  • left lowest button = [block -> sel bank -> 3]
  • right lowest button = [block -> sel bank -> 4]

this means the banks on middle & the lowest buttons on each side are dynamic and will follow the block you have selected with the both top buttons.

Of course you can configure this for your needs and you're also free to switch the internal banks from inside the Midifighter Twister, if you set this up in midifighter utility app.