Modular Sequencer - Introduction

The Modular Sequencer is a Max for Live Device where you’re able to patch any Output to any Input.

With the integrated Scale Correction and up to four Outputs you can create polyphonic Sequences, 

Make Variations with the independent presets for the Stepsequencers, the Patching and the Routing.

The Modular Sequencer has three Sections:

The Sequencer Section: with 4 Value Seuquencers, these can send out Values to Pitch, Velocity, Octace & Duration and they can also send Out Triggers.

It’s possible to randomize the most parameters, and create generative Sequences. It’s also possible to create repetitiv Sequences, depending on the patching of the Device.

The Modulation & Switching Section: You can route any Output Trigger or On/Off message thru the Modulation Section, where you’re able to invert and also reduce the Messages. And send out Values or Triggers for switching things with a different Bahaviour.

With the switches you can make a lot of variations when triggering Actions.

The Routing Section: Here you have four Outputs. Inside each Output you can route every of the four Value Sequencers to the Pitch, Velocity, Octave and Duration. So, you can make some Variations from your Melodie of the same Sequence.

Also it’s possible to select a Scale and/or learn Notes & Scales with an connected Midikeyboard or from the Chord-O-Mat 3 Device.