You can use up to four Outputs to make different Sequences or variations of Sequences. Every Output has a routing Panel to assign the 

Value Sequencers to Note, Velocity, Octave and Duration

Here you can exclude Note, Velocity, Octave or Duration from Randomisation in this example only Note, Octave and Duration will be randomised.

This is useful if you should trigger the randomise function by some actions of the sequencer.

Scale Correction - lock the Output to a Scale

every Output can be locked to the Scale or to Individual Notes or Chords.

The Chords could be played live via a connected Keyboard, by Midiclips or also with the Chord-O-Mat 3 Device. In this case that means it has a similiar function like an Arpeggiator.

The Scale is off, all Notes could be played

Only the Notes from the selected Scale will be played

Learn Notes & Chords

To adapt the Output to a Chord or even a single Note, you have the option to just learn the played Notes or let them instantly change, when something is played.

If learn is activated and you play a chord or a single note, the Output will be locked to the notes.

After you release the Notes, the learn button will be switched off

Instant learn

If instant is activated, the Notes will follow what you play

Chord-O-Mat 3 + Modular Sequencer

on the right bottom of the Scale Correction, you find a Button you can switch between

M = Midi
C = Chord-O-Mat

When it's set to Midi, the incommig Midinotes can change the Scale.

When it's set to Chord-O-Mat the Output will follow the Chord Progression of Chord-O-Mat.

If the “confirm input to Scale” is ON, the incomming Midi Notes for the learn function will be mapped to the selected Scale.