Patching Modular Sequencer

You can connect every Output to every Input,  just by drag & drop or with click on an patchpoint and click on another patchpoint.

If you want to delete a connection, you can do it on the same way or just hold a connected patchpoint and press “X” on your Keyboard

In- / Outputs

Outputs can send Triggers and On/Off Values.

The most Inputs can only receive triggers.
Some Inputs, like “up/down”, “Note OUT on/off”, can handle both.

If receiving a trigger it toggles between on and off.

If receiving On/Off the Button takes over this state.

Sequencer Trigger Out

Every Sequencer has an Output, where you can get an On/Off message from. This is the main source to Trigger Actions, for example Notes

Trigger IN

On the Output Section you have these four Inputs, where the Notes are Triggered. If you simply connect an Output from one Trigger Sequencer to an Input, a Note will be played on every ON Message from the Sequencer.