Value Sequncer

On the Top you find four Value Sequencers with 16 Steps. You can set up:

  • Speed
  • restart
  • forward / backwards playback
  • set random values
  • hold
  • Threshold for the Triggers
  • and the Trigger Output

To the Patchpoints you can patch a Trigger Signal in. Beside on evrey Patch Point you can trigger the action with the mouse.

Assign the Value Sequencers

You can assign every Value Sequencer to any Parameter of one of the Outputs.

Via the dropdown menu you are able to let control, like in this example the
- Notes by Sequencer 1
- Velocity by Sequencer 2
- Octave by Sequencer 3
- Duration by Sequencer 4

In the Dropdown menu you can also define that a parameter has a fixed Value, which isn't controlled by any Sequencer.