Push Hacker 2 is a Max for Live device that allows you to customize and extend the Push 1 and Push 2 controls.

You can assign alternative functions to the Pads or dials of Push, like map Paramaters, draw curves, record selected clips or move your Clip Grid.

how to start?

Drag & Drop Push Hacker into an empty Midi Track and it's recomended to use this Track for Push Hacker only.
Push Hacker should connect to Push automatically, if your Push Device is turned on and connected to Ableton Live. 

Connecting Ableton Push

if the Ableton Logo inside Push Hacker lights green, Push is connected 
here you can switch between Push 1 or Push 2, if you have connected two Devices. 
If your Push Device isn't found, and/or Push Hacker lost the connection, you can force to rescan for a Push Device. 

assign a Function

You are able to assign every control Element (Buttons, Dials, Touchstrip) from Push 1 or Push 2 to a specific Function from Push Hacker. 

set individual Colors

You can set individual Colors to the assigned RGB Pads from Push.