User Manual - Push Hacker 

What does Push Hacker do?

Push Hacker turns your Push 1 or 2 session and note modes into HYBRID MODES ‘Session/User mode’ or ‘Note/User mode’

It enables you to manually re-assign any of Push’s features (buttons/rotaries/pitch bend/matrix pads) to any parameters in Live (audio effects/MIDI effects/Clips/ Clips slots/Mixer/Solo buttons etc.…) 

whilst in ‘Note Mode’ or ‘Session Mode’ 

Push Hacker has been designed to address one of the most fundamental principle of live performance ‘You should avoid having to switch modes on your controller’s whilst playing live to get the 

spontaneous feel you’d get from an acoustic instrument’

  • 1. Drag and drop one instance of Push Hacker onto a MIDI track in Live. We advise to create a dedicated MIDI track for that purpose in your live set.

  • 2. If Push is connected to the Computer, the Device will connect automatically to Push 1 or 2. In the upright corner of the device, you can also select the Push controller  you want to hack manually.

  • 3. Click on one of the ‘Click to select’ buttons on the device ‘Pads’ to open the Virtual push mapper

  • 4. In the virtual push mapper, select which Push controls you’d like to re-assign to live

5.    Select the type of mode you’d like to use in the device ‘pads’ 

    You can choose between different actions like: toggle, momentary

    “Set button matrix”, On/Off, Select Track, Solo Button and Clip Trigger

6.    Click on the ‘MAP’ button (Toggle & momentary mode)

7.    Click onto any parameter in live you’d like to control with Push 


8.    Set the range of that mapping

Repeat this step-by-step for each of the 32 pads on the device. 

Add another Push Hacker if you need to re-assign more of your Push’s


1. ZOOM. resize Push Hacker’s window to fit your screen estate

2. PAD SELECT. Toggles between Pads 1 to 16 and Pads 17 to 32

3. DEVICE ACTIVATION. Activate/deactivates Push Hacker

4. PADS ON/OFF. Toggles Push hacker’s ‘Pads’ On or Off - except the Pad which is assigned to switch switch all other Pads On/Off

5. FOLLOW TRACK. Activates/deactivates the follow track option. Leaves this Off If you want the Push Hacker to remain on no matter what track is selected in live. Activate it if you want the Push Hacker to only be activated when a specific track is selected

6. CONTROLLER SELECTOR Selects the device attached to this instance of the Push Hacker

7. Output RANGE. Set the output range for a specific Pad

8. MAP. Enables user to assign one of Push Hacker’s Pad to any parameter in Live

9. ON/OFF Reverse the behaviour of the control

10. SET COLOUR. Enables user to set the colour of the matrix pad when re-assigned through

11. PAD MODES. Re-assignment Modes (toggle, momentary “Set button matrix”, On/Off, Select Track, Solo Button and “Clip Trigger”)

12.CONTROL SELECT. Open Virtual PUSH mapper

13. PADS. Push Hacker’s Pads

There are 7 different pad modes.



Set Button Matrix

On / Off

Select Track

Solo Button

Trigger Clip

TOGGLE. This mode enables you to re-assign any of your push features 

to any parameter in live as a ‘toggle ‘control. A control in ‘toggle’ mode 

needs to be pressed twice to activate and pre deactivate the parameter 

to which it is assigned. This mode doesn’t work for ‘the solo buttons’, ‘

the clips slot’, the clips’, ‘the track selection’

MOMENTARY. This mode enables you to re-assign any of your push 

features to any parameter in live as a ‘momentary ‘or ‘gate’ control. A 

control in ‘momentary mode doesn’t need to be pressed twice and 

instead, the note off messages are used to deactivate the control it’s 

assigned to.

SET BUTTON MATRIX. This mode will let you defined a specific location 

in your live set to send your push matrix to (that’s the coloured square). 

No need to scroll around with your push cursor anymore

ON/OFF. Set a specific Push controls) to turn Push Hacker On or Off.  This will turn your push back to its ‘normal’ behaviour 

(apart from that you chose)

In this example the “Shift Button” is assigned to switch the Push Hackers Pads On or Off. The Shift  Button is always active, 

until you deactivate the whole Device.

SELECT TRACK. This mode enables you to select a specific track (MIDI or Audio) in live. Choose the ‘select track’ mode first, then 

click on the desired track in live and finally click on the ‘learn selected track’ button in push hacker’s pad.

1. choose „select Track“

2.  Select a Track in Live

2.  click „learn selected Track“ to assign a Track

SOLO BUTTON. Enables you to assign one of push controls to a solo button in live. Select the ‘solo button’ mode first, then select the track 

you want to control the solo of and finally click on the ‘learn selected track’ button in the push hacker’s pad.  

You can then select the ‘toggle’ or ‘momentary’ modes to control that solo button.

TRIGGER CLIP. The Trigger Clip function let’s you select any clip slot or clip within your live set to any of push’s controls

There are two mode the Clips could be triggered:

Mode 1: 

the Clip can be triggered & gets retriggered, if you hit a Push control.

Hold the Pushcontrol: the Clip Stops

Mode 2: 

If the Clipslot is empty a clip will be recorded

On the next Push, recording stops an dthe clip is playing

The Stop, play, stop ...etc .

Hold the Push Control: the clip will be deleted.

Version 4.0.2

- updated „instant scale“ device brings now individual settings for pitch 

- some minor bugfixes

Version 4.0

- added new Scales

- New GUI

- Instant learning notes

- Shared scale settings with Chord-O-Mat 3 & Modular Sequencer

- Shared „instant Scale“ Device with Chord-O-Mat 3

(c) 2020 Soundmanufacture