1. here you can deactivate the Device. If you remove the Device from your Live Project it's always recomended to deactivate it before, otherwise the assigned Controls get stuck and you have to turn on and off Push.
  2. this is the view of Push 1 or Push 2, where you can select the Control Element where you want to add a specific Function.
  3. This is the Selection of the Functions for the selected this Control Element
  4. These are the On/Off Switches for Groups to activate or deactivate Control Elements
  5. Here you can show a fuction of an assigned Pad by hitting the Pad. This is only recemended while editing and not while performing.


In the Device you see an Info, which informs you if the Device is up to date or not.
If you didn't received a mail about your update information, please write to the Support

global controls of the Function Modules

  1. here you see
    a) the On/Off Switch to Activate and Deactivate this Function.
    b) the Name of the Control the Function is map to and
    c) the delete button to unassign this function from this Button or Dial
  2. Here you can assign the Function to a Group
  3. Here you can usually set the color (in some Function Modules there are exceptions) and you have a Control which is you "virtual Push" Controller. You can test this function without having a Push connected.
  4. Here you can send a message to the Display of your Push Controller.