Midi Out

with the ability to send Midi Out messages from Push Hacker, you have a lot more possibilities, like selecting individual effects or instruments with one button or a dial.
For this you need to set up an virtual Midi Port in Ableton Live.

Midi Out - Pads

  1. here you can set the button behaviour and select beween "gate", "toggle" and "auto"
  2. you can set if the messages should be send at once or if they should be send step by step on each hit on the pad.
  3. here you can set if it should output a CC or NOTE message.

Midi Out - Dials

Here you can learn some Midi Notes or CC Messages to be output when you turn the dial.

  1. if the "learn" button is activated you can input some notes or cc messages via your keyboard/controller. The values will be displayed in -> 3
  2. set if you want to output cc or note messages
  3. here you see all stored values
  4. If "select & midi map" is activated there will be NO MIDI OUTPUT when turning the dial. You can select a stored midi value and output it if you click the "Trigger Output" button for example to map an instrument.

Midi Curve Out - Dials

  1. create a curve to be output
  2. select a curve
  3. Midi CC Output 1 - 4 here you can set the values to be output. on the left button you can trigger the cc message manually.

Select a Device via Midi Messages

to select a Device via Midi messages you have to map the Midi message to the Device first. Please read here how to set up an Virtual Midi Port.