ReBoard - Extra Functions

With the extra functions in ReBoard you are able to assign additional actions to the basic relative pitches. You have just a biot more flexibiltiy to set the Device up for your needs.

Here you have two options:

1. relative pitches, which is similar to the basic function on the left side

2. fix Notes, here you can define a fix Note of the selected Scale

ReBoard - Extra Functions
on the (+) symbol you can unfold the Device to have access to the extra functions

Relative Intervals

with the exatra functions, you can expand the possibilities of your basic settings and add some more, probably less needed intervals like, one octave up (+12) or down (-12)

extra function - relative pitch

Fix Notes

With the option "Fix" Notes you can assign a fixed Note to a Key / pad on your Controller.

You have the following options:

- Startnote
- Rootnote / Set the Octave
- 2nd-11th Note in the Scale / Set Octave

So, that should be quite easy, you can set some fix points where you can always go back in the selected scale. These will be changing of course depending on what Rootnote and which Scale is selected.