On the left side you see the main window, where you can map up to 11 intervals to an incoming midi note, from a keyboard or an Pad controller.
You have access to the settings of the Device here and you can also store your settings to a file and relaod it again, so you don't have to do all the work twice.

In the middle you can select a scale and set the root note. The notes of the selected scale are displayed on a piano keyboard.
There's alos a button where you can get information about the Device, which Version you're using and if there's an update available (only if your computer is conected to the internt).

on the right side ther are 16 additional keys you can map to different functions. this view is hidden, when you first load the Device and you have to clik on the little (+) on the top right side of the Device to unfold it.

select a Scale

Here you can select a scale and set the root note

basic setup

In this section you can map your pad controller or your keyboard to the intervals you want to play.

You can assign any note to any interval you want to play.
So, you're absolutely flexible to customize the Device.

The intervals are going from -12 to +12. If you set the interval to 0 it will repeat the last played note.

map a Keyboard or a Padcontroller

You can map a key or Pad for an interval by clicking on the round button. If a Key is mapped you see the Name of the Note in the field.

You can unmap a key by clicking on the round button again.