Settings / Output / Playing Modes

ReBoard Settings

On the Top left side you can access the Settings, where you can see that you can set up two Output Ranges. To be clear, because it could be a bit confusing, these two Output ranges will not be send to different Midi Tracks. In this case it´s recomended to use another Device in another Track.

set up a range

with the possiblility to set up two different ranges where you can play, you have quite a bit more flexibility to express your playing.

Playing Modes

Here you can choose between three different playing modes, where you're able to set the behaviour of what happens when you reach the lower or upper range of the scale.

  • Mode 1: If the note is reached the lowest or highest range it will repeat the last not in the range.
  • Mode 2: If the note is reached the lowest or highest range it will play the last triggered interval above the range.
  • Mode 3: in this mode the range is "looped", when the notes reaching the lowest note in the range, you come out on the other side of the range ...


On every trigger you see a button A/B where you can individually assign the triggered interval to one of the two scale ranges. This can get quite interesting.

ReBoard Outputs