Scale-O-Mat 4 is a Scale correction Device for Ableton Live 10 to have

Control of the harmony over the whole Live Set.  
Scale-O-Mat 4 comes with two devices:

  • the Scale-O-Mat 4 Device
  • Instant Scale Device 

you’ll find all Scales included in Ableton Push  Controller and 

also the Scale Collection of Tobias Hunke.

You can replace the native Ableton “Scale Device” with Scale-O-Mat’s (… and Chord-O-Mat’s) “Instant Scale” Device to have the same Scale all over your Live Set. 

It’s recommended to use only one instance of the Scale-O-Mat 4 Device in your Live Project. 

Because the Devices communicates also with other Devices, there could be unwanted behaviors when you use more than one Scale-O-Mat 4 Device in your Live Project.

Scale-O-Mat 4 works together with Chord-O-Mat 3 and 
Modular Sequencer. If you switch the scale of one Device all others will follow.

Scale-O-Mat 4 is a customized Device for Tyondai Braxton.

Have fun!