Customise Touchscreen Control

1. In the Top Row you have all the settings for your custom Control Panel

  • configure the ratio of the Touchscreen
  • set the Size of the Touchscreen
  • see which Control is actually under the Mouse
  • set the Key which you want to select & move the Touchscreen Controls
  • Set the Size of the selected Control
  • Set the Position of the selected Control
  • Get the IP Adress to Access MIRA via a Webbrowser
  • Select & Store a configuration File

2. the MIRA Frame

  • here you can place all the Controls you want to see on the iPad or Android Device

3. Show / Hide Controls

  • In this Section you can Show or Hide the Control Elements.

Move the Controls in the MIRA Window

In this Window you can select a Key from your Keyboard where you can move the Controls in the MIRA Panel.

"y" is the standard key which is selected.

The Name of the Control where the Mouse is over is also displayed.

Move the Mouse over a Control Button, then hold "y" and you can move the Button where you want.