Line 6 - FBV 3 Midi Bridge

The Line 6 FBV 3 is an excellent Foot Controller, but it only works with Amps from Line 6 and not with an computer … 

To open this controller to Max/MSP (… and of course with Ableton with Max for Live) Janos Buttgereit and me designed the FBV 3 Midi Brigde, a dedicated Hardware based on an Teensy 3 to make it possible to connect the FBV 3 Controller to the Computer.

Janos Buttgereit:

- Teensy programming

- PCB Design

- reverse Engineering

- Max/MSP programming

Tim Charlemagne:

- Reverse Engineering

- Max/MSP programming / Max for Live integration

Monoplugs - Metronome

many thanks to Konstantin Scholz & Sebastian Küchlin for playing in the Trailer.

Monoplugs Metronom is programmed by Thomas Arndt

(c) 2020 Soundmanufacture


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