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Push Hacker 2

Fastlane & Soundmanufacture teamed up to design a Max for Live Device (M4L) which enables you to have a faster access to individual features & customize Push 1 or 2 inside Ableton Live for your needs.

Push Hacker

Push Hacker 2

Push Hacker 2 is built from ground up and brings a better performance and new & sofisticated features.
With Push Hacker 2 you are able to expand the features of Push 1 or Push 2 to your personal needs.

It enables you to manually re-assign any of Push’s features (buttons/rotaries/pitch bend/matrix pads) to any parameters in Live (audio effects/MIDI effects/Clips/ Clips slots/Mixer/Solo buttons etc.…)
whilst in ‘Note Mode’ or ‘Session Mode’


Push Hacker has been designed to address one of the most fundamental principle of live performance ‘You should avoid having to switch modes on your controller’s whilst playing live to get the
spontaneous feel you’d get from an acoustic instrument’


  • map buttons & dials to any parameters
  • move the clip grid
  • select individual tracks
  • Solo Tracks
  • recording & playing clips 
  • draw curves for dlider parameters

assign a Function

Push Hacker Modules

with Push Hacker 2 you can choose between different Functions to assign them to any Pad, Dial or even the Touchstrip.

map Parameters

Push Hacker Modules

you can map up to eight individual Parameters to any Pad and set the Color for it. 
It's possible to set the range and invert the behaviour.

draw Curves

Push Hacker Modules

you can draw Curves and map up to four individual Parameters inside Ableton Live. 
The Curves are accessable for the Push Dials as well as for the Pads.

Skrätch Device

Push Hacker Modules

The Skrätch Device comes free with Push Hacker and it enables you to get Scratch Effects with your Touchstrip of Ableton Push.
It's easy to set up. Just insert the Skrätch Device inside the MAster Track and inside Push Hacker you have to assign the Skrätch Device on the Touchstrip.

for more Videos & Tutorials about Push Hacker and of course other great stuff, please check out the youtube channel of Fastlane music school ->

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