• if I purchased a Device, when do I receive this?

normally you should receive the Device immediately after the purchase. In some cases the mails come with a little delay or landet in the spam folder. If don’t have any mail after 15 minutes and you can’t find anything in you spam folder, please write a mail.

• I have lost my Device, what should I do?

please contact me via e-mail and send me a) your full name or the e-mail address where you made the purchase from or b) the purchase number. 

If you bought a product from another company like ADSR, please write to their support.
tim [at] soundmanufacture [dot] net

• How do I install Max for Live Devices?

there’s no need to install Max for Live Devices.  Just create an folder and drag & drop your Max for Live Device into Ableton. Be sure you doesn’t move this folder, otherwise Ableton can’t locate the Device again


• I have a problem with a Device, what to do?

first of all - please get in touch via e-mail. I don’t check all social media channels, like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram regularly. So e-mail is the way to go if you want help with your devices.

please try to describe the problem as good as you can and let me know the following things:

    does the problem occurs every time or only sequentiently

    which Version of Live / Max are you using

    Windows or Mac

    what computer specs do you have


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