One Knob to rule them All

Soundmanufacture and Fastlane offer Mapul8tor, a remake of Mapulator by Jonathan Kops aka BentoSan.
Mapu8tor allows you to graphically define the courses of 8 different parameters over the length of one virtual rotary control. Mapulator works like one of Live’s macros within a rack with one major difference : It enables you to set different courses for each of the 8 parameters you have mapped to it.


There’re two different Devices, a Midi Device & an Audio Device. With the Midi Device you have also the possibility to send out Midi CC Messages instead of mapping a parameter.
Using Mapulator, you will be able to create unique series of automated effects on stage and in the studio using just ‘one knob’ on your controller.

You can use one Knob to handle multiple Parameters in Live. You can also make custom crossfaders, Multiple A/B Crossfades etc. ... the possiblities are endless.



Tutorial from Fastlane how to use Mapul8tor.

Tips & Tricks

Tutorial from DJ Techtools from Mad Zach with the original Mapulator. Check this out!