Track Select 4

enhance your Workflow in Ableton Live

Track Select 4 is a Utility Device to control and organise your Ableton Live Set.
You are able to select Tracks & Scenes with an Knob, highlight Groups and hide the other for a better Overview.
With a customisable MIRA integration to have all controls on an mobile Device, this works with iPad, Android and also on an Microsoft Tablet.

System Requirements: Ableton Live 10 / Max for Live 8.1

a lot of possibilities in Track Select 4

With Track Select 4 you have a lot of possibilities to map a Midi Controller to Ableton Live to bring your workflow forward.
You can map any Midi Controller to change the View of Ableton Live, have access to the Channel Strip, like Volume, Panorama, Input Monitoring etc.
It's also possible to automatically select the playing clip when a track is selected.


Features of the main window

  • show hide Browser
  • switch between Arrangement & Session View
  • Show / Hide Device & Clip View
  • up to four View Presets
  • fold / unfold all Groups
  • unfold selected Groups & fold all other groups
  • access to Audio Clip Settings (Gain, Pitch + Octave, fine Tune)
  • Channel Strip with access to Volume, Pan, Sends & input Monitoring
  • all Controls in the main window can be mapped to a Midi Controller

Features of the MIRA Control

  • customisable Layout
  • Transport Controls (Play, Record, Loop, Punch IN, Punch Out)
  • Channel Strip (Volume, Pan, Sends, Mute, ARM, SOLO, Input Monitor
  • Clip Control (Clip Gain, Pitch, Octave, Fine)
  • View (View Presets, Browser, Session/Arrangement, Device/Clip, Track Range, Scene Range, Fold/Unfold Groups, Auto Select Clip, Select Cue Points in the Arrangement View, Highlight Groups)
  • Create / Capture: Audio Track, Midi Track, Scene, Return Track, Capture Midi, Capture Scene, Fire selected Scene)
  • enable Ableton Link
  • Enable Linke Start/Stop (only when Link is enabled
  • Metronome
  • Back to Arranger

MIRA Control

With MIRA you can connect an iPad, Android Tablet or any other Touch Device to Track Select with ease. It works with the MIRA App (iOS only) or with any Webbrowser.

Custom Touchscreen Control

On the iPad Control you can configure the Layout of the Control Elements by yourself. Just choose what you need. It's also possible to switch between the Layouts and resize the Control Objects.

Available Controls in the MIRA Window

In the MIRA Setup Window you can choose which Control Elements should be Visible on the iPad or Touchcontroller.


  • view Presets
  • browser
  • session/arrangement
  • Device/Clip
  • Track Range
  • Track Select
  • Scene Range
  • Scene Select
  • Fold
  • Unfold
  • Auto Select Clip
  • Visible Tracks
  • Cue Points
  • Highlight Groups

Create Capture

  • Create Audio Track
  • Create Midi Track
  • Create Scene
  • Create Return Track
  • Capture Midi
  • Capture Scene
  • Fire Scene
  • Fire Next Scene

Track Settings

  • Track Volume
  • Sends
  • Panorama
  • Mute
  • ARM
  • Solo
  • Monitor

Clip Settings

  • Clip Gain
  • Pitch
  • Octave
  • Fine Tuning

Transport Elements

  • Play
  • Record
  • Loop
  • Punch IN
  • Punch OUT

Other Controls

  • Link
  • Link Start/Stop (Only when Link is enabled)
  • Metronome
  • Back to Arranger
  • File Select
  • X/Y Select


Track Select - Overview

Track Select - Touchscreen integration